The award is presented every year at Furnace Solutions for the best paper. It is presented in memory of Michael Garvey
Sponsored by Guardian Industries


Michael died in a climbing accident in 2008. He was 27 years old. I recruited Michael as a summer intern at our DeWitt, Iowa plant where he got what can only be described as “rave reviews” from the team there.  After he completed his Master’s he joined our Carleton, Michigan facility and then moved to work for me in our Glass Technology Group in Carleton. Michael worked on a wide range of projects and with all levels of the company. He was an extremely motivated, dedicated and technically gifted glass technologist.
He moved back to the UK and was a key member of the Goole process team and quickly earned their respect.
Michael presented a paper at FS-3 and made a very good impression on the audience and members of the MTC. This award is indeed sponsored by Guardian, but it came about thanks to Chris Windle, Geoff Evans and the other members of the MTC and shows the “people matter” side of the SGT.
Michael cared about everything he did and everyone he worked with.

Winner 2018

The Michael Garvey award went to Giorgio Minestrini, STARA GLASS S.p.A. for his paper Primary techniques for NOx containment for a more sustainable glass industry.

Previous Winners

FS12 Tunc Goruney from Siscam
FS11 Stuart Hakes from FIC UK
FS10 Joaquin de Diego Rincon of Praxair
FS9 Erik Muijsenberg Glass Service INC Czech Rep
FS8 Trevor Wilson DSF
FS7  Wolfgang Cieleback  Ardah Germany