All presenters, who are not part of the Melting Technical Committee [MTC], will be eligible for ‘The Michael Garvey Award’ – for the day’s best presentation. The recipient of the award is decided by members of the MTC present on the day.

Speakers and titles for 2019


Sebastian Woltz

Batch plant upgrades- Challenges for a batch plant supplier

Fives Stein Ltd

Andy Reynolds

Electric Melting: Refractory corrosion, prediction and prevention


Frank Schuurmans

Optimelt process

Health & Safety Executive

Andrew Bowker

HSE manufacturing sector plan and 2019/20 operational guidance


Benjamen Koster

Regenerator Repair without production loss,  possible ?


Burcin Gul (Ms)

re: Sisecam Furnace model (Final title TBA)

Allstates Refractory Contractors

Dave Boothe

Furnace design and operation for the long term


Dr Michel Gaubil

“Thermomechanical stresses induced by glass corrosion process in fused cast AZS soldier block”